Angel Christmas Tree Toppers

Christmas Angel Tree ToppersAngel tree toppers are a fun way to finish up the look of your Christmas tree. It’s like the piece de resistance of all the ornaments.

Many of them are highly detailed, elaborately crafted, and sometimes the most beautiful thing on the tree.

That’s probably why they go on top. Angel tree toppers come in so many different variations, from the traditional porcelain faced angel to the more non-traditional pug-faced angel.

There’s an angel tree topper for everyone. Here are a few examples of the different kinds.


Metal Angel Tree Toppers

Angels fashioned from metal material come in a more abstract form and usually aren’t as decorated as the non-metal variety. They’re often faceless with simple geometric shapes like a cone for the body and a sphere for the head. Add wings, two arms and halo and you’ve got your angel tree topper. The good thing about metal angels is that they’re usually cheaper and are more durable. So if you have little ones in the home or if you have butterfingers then a metal angel would probably suit you best. This is one of the many metal angels available:

Porcelain Angel Tree Toppers

Compared to traditional angel tree toppers, porcelain angels are completely made out of porcelain; everything from the head to the wings, dress and arms. Most angels only feature porcelain faces and hands and but that’s not the case with these types of tree toppers. They’re also a bit heavier considering their material and you must be extra careful when placing them on top of the tree. An example of a porcelain angel would be the:

Rattan Angel Tree Toppers

Angels from this variety are created using rattan material that is weaved into a basic angel shape. Because the design is so simple, they’re often embellished with little lights, glitter and fabric. They’ll look great on your Christmas tree as well as table tops, shelves and counters. Take this one for example:

Lighted Angel Tree Toppers

These angel tree toppers can be made of glass, plastic or basically anything that’s transparent. It may not look much at first glance but once you plug it in it’ll feature a light show as festive and beautiful as the rest of your house. They come with multicolored light bulbs inside that’ll dance or twinkle when turned on. Here’s a good example of one:

Pet Angel Tree Toppers

If you’re a pet lover and want to feature your furry pal on top of your Christmas tree, you can with doggy angel tree toppers. It’s basically an angel with the head of a dog. It may sound disturbing but it’s actually quite adorable and funny. There are a few different breeds available like a shitzu, a terrier, a pug, and more. Another dog breed featured would be the:

There are so many different kinds of angel tree toppers to choose from which makes shopping for one even more fun. What will be your angel tree topper this year?

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